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The Guelph Student Investment Council is a dynamic team of students working together to manage and generate returns for the fund. Through a unique partnership with Fidelity Investments, we were given $100,000 to invest in our portfolio. This partnership allows us to gain hands-on investing experience in the North American equity markets.

We run a concentrated portfolio operating in the small and mid-cap equity market. By focusing a team of diligent analysts on the small/mid-cap market, GSIC aims to uncover stocks that might have previously been undervalued in order to outperform the benchmark index.

Our team organizes bi-weekly meetings consisting of stock pitches and market updates that are open to the public. GSIC is designed to be a collaborative environment with an open dialogue at all meetings in order to develop and maintain the strategic direction of the fund.

Mission Statement

To consistently generate returns greater than our competing index by developing long-term investment excellence; and to foster a positive learning environment where students gain hands-on knowledge and create valuable friendships with other members

Vision Statement

To become Canada's most successful student run investment fund by attracting the best talent, providing valuable experience and developing industry related relationships


Leadership - Collaboration - Integrity - Accountability - Passion - Quality - Responsibility - Experience

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The Guelph Student Investment Council was established in 2015 when the University of Guelph Investment Group (UGIG,) merged with the Economics and Finance Association's University of Guelph Investment Fund. 

The University of Guelph Investment Fund began as a subgroup of students within the Economics and Finance Association, for its members to gain valuable experience in investment, research strategies, analysis and macro/micro economics.Prior to this, in the winter of 2014, a separate investment club, The University of Guelph Investment Group (UGIG), established a mandate, hired executives and approached the EFA with a thorough business plan. UGIG had roughly 40 members and 9 executives who participated in meetings, pitched investment ideas and wrote research reports. It was at around this time, EFA members were working together to establish GSIC. In the summer of 2015, the two funds merged.

UGIG's founding members, Zachary Brittain and Brandon Bennett, and the GSIC's founding members, Nicholas Skrypek, Michael Karpenko and Sam Waldman, worked together to establish one single mandate and business plan. The EFA President, Nicholas Andreoli, bridged the two groups and established the partnership between GSIC and EFA. This partnership was essential in order to establish credibility with the University of Guelph School of Business and current commerce students.

Aside from a partnership with the EFA, GSIC has also partnered with University of Guelph professors to establish credible oversight, management and insight into economic trends and analysis. The Faculty Advisory Board is a governing body that is comprised of multiple University of Guelph professors who provide support to GSIC with oversight of the hiring process, training sessions, administration, execution authority and general guidance. 

​GSIC looks to build a tradition of thought leadership, mentorship and education that will allow for continual success and growth for years to come.

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If you are interested in applying for the Guelph Student Investment Council (University of Guelph Students only), we do hiring in September and January each year, make sure to follow our Instagram for updates. Any other questions will be responded to with in 3 - 5 business days. If you have an urgent request or concern please email us directly at

Thanks for submitting!

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