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Who We Are

The Guelph Student Investment Council is Canada's fastest-growing undergraduate value investment fund



Merger of UGIG & UGIF

The University of Guelph Investment Fund began as a subgroup of students within the Economics & Finance Association, for its members to gain valuable experience in investment, research strategies, analysis and macro/micro economics. Prior to this, in the winter of 2014, a separate investment club; The University of Guelph Investment Group (UGIG), established a mandate, hired executives and approached the Economics & Finance Association with a thorough business plan. UGIG had roughly 40 members and 9 executives who participated in meetings, pitched investment ideas and wrote research reports. It was at around this time, Economics & Finance association members were working together to establish GSIC. In the summer of 2015, the two funds merged, collectively forming GSIC. In 2017, we accepted a $100,000 endowment from Fidelity Investments resulting in the emergence of our equity fund. GSIC hopes to develop value investing acumen and practical skills for its members via experiential learning.

Our Work

The Guelph Student Investment Council (GSIC) is a dynamic team of undergraduate students actively managing a portfolio of mid-cap North-American equities ($1B to $15B CAD). Our objective is to outperform our benchmark indices on a risk-adjusted basis. Through a unique partnership with Fidelity Investments, we were endowed $100k in seed capital in 2017 to kickstart our fund.

Our team organizes bi-weekly meetings consisting of stock pitches, market updates, and educational content open to both club members, and the University of Guelph student population.

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Our Principles

The Guelph Student Investment Council initially derived from the merger of two student-led groups pursuing an interest in financial markets and investing through their respective use of proprietary paper-trading software.

Despite the merger of these two organizations and the subsequent injection of capital into our fund, our motives have not changed - we are focused on fostering an environment of experiential learning, with an emphasis on performance and academic excellence.


Our members have landed numerous placements across the financial services industry while mobilizing the expertise garnered from their GSIC tenure.

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